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Sophia. | Oporto Urban Suites

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Short description

Located in the modern center of Porto, specifically in one of the largest stores of a characteristic 90s shopping center, that failed to keep up with the transformations of modern needs with the emergence of large diversified market malls, resulting in an accumulation of ghost commercial stores, where many of them have never served their purpose to this day.
In this context, in an expectant and unfinished commercial store since its construction 30 years ago, we had the opportunity to accept this challenging intervention with the main premise of transforming this wide space, both in its typology and function, in order to increase profitability adapted to new experiences and realities.
This way, the starting point was to revive the space and give it a new minimalist identity by converting its use into an Accommodation Establishment, due to its privileged location near Sophia de Mello Breyner's Garden, adopted the name of one of the most important Portuguese poets of the 20th century, as an inspiration and homage to all writing.
Thus emerged, Sophia. | Oporto Urban Suites, as a result of developing an Urban Suites concept, characterized by dynamic spaces designed for a logic in constant transformation "Sleep, Lounge & Work", seeking to create a synergy between poetry and minimalist architecture in response to the needs of each user.
Just as poetry has the power to communicate hidden messages and evoke emotions when interpreted in different ways, the metamorphosis of each space gains power in the simplicity of elements that hide deeper and more impactful meanings, intuitively and functionally revealed, with the ability to awaken feelings and sensations in the user's experience. The space's ability to adapt and change according to needs demonstrates a flexible, practical, and essential approach to the evolution of daily life.
This discovery experienced around elements of this narrative translates into the versatility and harmony of the set from the arrival of guests, whether they are digital nomads, tourists, or families.
In this way, each Suite consists of a bathroom and a bedroom with a single multifunctional cabinet that integrate wardrobe, bedside tables with indirect lighting, folding bed and sofa, allowing the space to be transformed into a bedroom, living room, office or wide studio for various activities.
Due to the generous ceiling height, duplex typologies were provided in each "Chapter," meaning access to the upper Suites is done through a specially designed and sized staircase module for the location, also providing space for a mini-fridge, mini-ironing board, steam iron, coffee machine, suitcases and footwear. The open-space kitchen and living room gain greater prominence by taking advantage of the full ceiling height, valuing the central sculptural element which, in turn, confers identity to a structural pillar assumed in the space. Although natural lighting is a protagonist in all habitable spaces, indirect lighting was occasionally provided in the high ceilings of common areas.
Timelessness was an important factor in defining the materiality that supports the basis of the concept, using wood for its association with the comfort and texture of a book cover, the ceilings designed as if they were white folded pages of an open book and the black signage symbolizing book writing. The microcement flooring is like the boundless horizon, the stage where stories are told and emotions are expressed. It's like a well-kept secret, gradually revealed, as each detail and texture is explored, creating a continuous and organic path in all common spaces.
Sophia. | Oporto Urban Suites becomes much more than an Accommodation Establishment, it is an architectural poem in constant transformation, where each "Chapter" offers a unique and memorable experience to guests, inviting them to write their own stories while enjoying the city of Porto: "The perfect place to start writing your journey."

Entry details
LocationPorto - Portugal
Studio Name+ Arch | MoreArch . Arquitectos
Lead designerDaniel Brás | Marisa Loureiro
Design teamDaniel Brás | Marisa Loureiro
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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