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Song Dynasty Life, ‎Sunac



Project description

The project is located in Chongqing, covering an area of ​​250 square meters. The Song Dynasty was a significant period in the history of Chinese aesthetics. The diversity and tolerance of the Song Dynasty opened up the prosperity of Chinese culture and art in later generations. The designer incorporated the culture, food and life of the Song Dynasty into the project, showing the cozy and elegant life of the Song Dynasty, and constructing a living model for contemporary Orientals. The whole space uses a lot of burlywood, the color is light and fresh. The red of the art installation on the wall of the restaurant lights up the entire space, vivid and graceful. The designer incorporated ancient Chinese architectural elements such as city gates, palace lanterns, scrolls, and book cabinets into the design. The customized furniture, exquisite and sophisticated. The palace-style chandelier specially designed for this project is a highlight. WJID made a huge ceiling lamp with logs, which is both ancient and elegant, but also modern. The sleek curve of the lamp also echoes the arc in the space, making the whole space integrated.

Project details
Location:Chongqing, China
Studio NameWJID
Lead designerHuang Quan
Photography creditsYan Zheng
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