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Smartfill Dispenser


Product description

Smartfill is a sleek IoT dispenser that revolutionises retail shelving. It delivers a variety of food & cleaning products, while eliminating the need for single-use packaging. The digital interface and built-in sensors allow customers to choose the exact amount of product they would like by value or weight. Stores can track stock levels in real-time across multiple dispensers and locations from one interface. The replaceable hopper meets all health and safety, as well as retail operations, requirements. Originally designed to meet UN sustainability goals and promote product accessibility in impoverished areas, where many can only pay for small amounts at a time, the project evolved to fit both informal and modern retail. While empowering consumers to make environmentally conscious decisions, the Smartfill is uniquely positioned to disrupt both formal and informal markets by reducing value chain costs, increasing affordability and eliminating unnecessary packaging.

Product details
Designer / Studio NamedY/dX
Lead designerNevo Hadas
Team MembersRudi Nienaber
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Photography creditsdy/dx Digital
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