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Short description

We at addupp believe that modular furniture, which can adapt to changing living situations in the long term, is the alternative for consumers who identify with ecological and sustainable issues. SITUATION opens up countless combination possibilities that you can use in many different living situations. Be it in the bathroom, kitchen, entrance or living area. In addition, the parts can be easily exchanged with each other or against other parts, if something changes in your situation.

We see ourselves as designers and producers in the responsibility to develop products that are well thought out in their entirety and take into account all aspects, from the material to the production and use to their disposal. This is for us the fascination of meaningful design and our goal in the creative process.

We stand for timeless design in dialogue with the requirements of today and tomorrow. From materiality and manufacturing to use and disposal, we are always working on optimized solutions for an ecological furniture life.

We believe in diversity, aesthetics and dynamism. Thus, our wall shelving system SITUATION should also give everyone the chance to realize themselves in their own four walls and to tastefully stage their own preferences. The minimalist and at the same time exciting design fits harmoniously into any living environment and is characterized by its straightforwardness. Thanks to the modular system, the wall shelf can be adapted to any new living situation with a flick of the wrist.

Entry details
LocationCologne - Germany
Studio Name addupp
Lead designerFelix Angermeyer, Moritz Weber
Design teamChristof Osiadacz, Jonas Hellmann, Moritz Weber, Felix Angermeyer
Photography creditsJonas Hellmann
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