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Shunde Poly Cloud City


Short description

POLY CLOUD CITY is located in Shunde, Guangdong, China, where is the strategic intersection center of the Greater Bay Area.

We create shared space under the forest with tree-lined which adapted to Shunde’s weather, and provides green shade in summer and warm sun in winter, the shared space under trees encourages people to stay, socialize and rest.

The community landscape framework is based on a pixelated, block-like grid system. Multiple areas and levels are integrated with pixel elements from the overall design to the paving, materials selection and color using, according to repetitive, splicing or combination.

Based on pleasant space scale and comfortable walking scale, creating a flexible and diversified space, allowing the community to preset the possibility of a variety of activities. Dark gray pavement as the base, partially embedded in the white block surface to form stay places, wood tone soften the cold feeling of dark pavement, make the community more friendly and create open but clear partition space composition.

In order to make CLOUD CITY more coherent, we used “Mi Orange”, “Medium Yellow” color in floor painting, facility and soft decoration to gives a strong visual impact, and makes the whole places show a warm, healing, youthful, and friendly community atmosphere in this high saturation color combination.

CLOUD CITY not only a platform for daily life of community residents, but also a friendly public space for surrounding citizens. It creates a sense of homecoming ceremony for community residents, and also brings a sense of belonging for the local new youth community, retains people in the city, and creates an imagination space with infinite possibilities for the future community.

Entry details
Studio Name IAPA
Lead designerPaul Bo Peng
Photography creditsChao Yue Shi Jue
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