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Variety Enterprise Co., Ltd

Project description

“True flavor is found in unseasoned food. “Chinese writer Hong said in his book Vegetable Roots. However, this concept seems to be more practiced in Japanese cuisine. The head restaurant Den in Tokyo is inspired by “ryotie”, a traditional Japanese style restaurant. Instead of being restricted by traditions, Den connects itself to the world with innovation and a sense of humor. Taiwan-based branch Sho carries on the elements. The yakisugi ban at the main entry may seem rough, but on the second look you’ll find that it connects with metal hardware beautifully, carving out a Japanese-garden-like entry in a modern architecture. The slate on floor in intended to remind people of the Oya slates used in Den. Going through the path and then upstairs, thin lattices on the side blur the line between light and shadow. The route from entry to the entrance is an “indoor teien” experience, which represents the faint ambience in a Japanese garden. Walking into the room, however, brightness and openness play strong contrast and tell a different narrative. At the ryotei a set of cypress counter lies, separating the space into dining area and working area. The whitewash lime wall and the niches show the essence of the space: simplicity. In a traditional ryotie, the working station is usually small and multilevel. Yet here in Sho, the station in opened up where chefs can work smoothly without bumping into each other. This also fits the new multiplex trend in Japanese cuisine. The celling is made of bamboos from Taiwan, reforming into a design that reminds the viewers not only subtle impressions of a wooden cabinet but also a sense of modern neatness. The seats with a Nordic style design are customized by craftsmen in Tainan. Different cultures blending in perfectly with each other in Sho, representing the exclusive spirit and the braveness to explore on this land.

Project details
Location:Kaohsiung - Taiwan
Studio NameVariety Enterprise Co., Ltd
Lead designerLin Hsing Feng
Design teamLin Hsin Feng, Wei Chia Yen, Wu Wei Lin
Photography creditsKevin Wu
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