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Shine in forest

Yujian Studio

Project description

The aesthetics style of the space is built based on the needs of the client, under the tendency and logic in line with daily life needs, integrate culture, arts and aesthetics. Because the site is located in an urban area, it can still enjoy the green scenery outside the window. In autumn, maple red poetic beautiful scenery can be seen. The design team then integrated the natural elements outside the window into the home environment, combined with the use of organ curtains to reduce the shading of the natural scenery, and introduced the green trees and distant mountain scenery outside the window. The natural and elegant space atmosphere, showing the warm atmosphere of the residential space. In addition to the selection of environmentally friendly green building materials, the overall plan carefully examines the consistency of indoor and outdoor environments, thereby achieving the echoing connection effect of indoor and outdoor spaces, through the flow of wind and changes in light, bringing a more rounded and natural atmosphere to the entire space. The setting of a clear MOAIL chandelier and message board at the entrance creates a sweet interactive dialogue for the couples who often miss each other due to business trips, welcoming and looking forward to the "going back home" moment.

Project details
Location:Taipei City, Taiwan
Studio NameYujian Studio
Lead designerYU-FEN LEE
Photography creditsYujian Studio
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