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Shift Lagree Studio


Project description

Shift is the first lagree studio for women in Kuwait located in a commercial complex. This project takes inspiration from industrial architectural styles where raw aesthetics have been deployed into various aspects of the design. Adapting from the concept of incorporating a space within a space, the focus of this project is the bold confined structure where group fitness classes are conducted. This functional area is enframed with a mix of fixed and retractable partitions; the core materials being clear tempered glass, bronze glass and mirrors. These retractable reflective partitions are designed to create a sense of privacy while the classes are going on, without obstructing the overall view of the space. The lighting scheme is thoughtfully adapted within the existing waffle slabs which adds to the raw aesthetic. The distinct pathway around the confinement, acts as a multifunctional circulation zone that is also utilized for various cardio warm up exercises. The wall details varying in texture and pattern add a dynamic character to this corridor. In addition, the backlit branding logo along with motivational slogans and subtle indoor greenery adds a pleasant contrast to the design. A similar minimal aesthetic is followed in the private barre/lagree studio and in the changing area as well. A combination of raw/painted chipboard walls and hanging black framed mirrors complement the space along with the exposed waffle slab lighting scheme replicated to certain areas.

Project details
Location:Kuwait City - Kuwait
Studio NameITGinteriors
Lead designerMai Alhendi
Design teamITGinteriors
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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