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Landscape | Educational Landscape

Shenzhen Longhua Second Foreign Languages School

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Short description

This landscape design is based on the changes and demands of education development in the new era. Based on this, in the landscape design of SHENZHEN LONGHUA SECOND FOREIGN LANGUAGES SCHOOL, with “diversity, sharing, nature” as the core concept, GND develops a multi-scale landscape space, creating an expandable campus landscape that integrates outdoor sports space, rainy and rainy activity space, multiple courtyard spaces, outdoor teaching space, recreation space, and natural education space, so as to form a highly flexible and sustainable campus landscape that can meet a variety of teaching scenarios and diversified interactive experiences, and coexist harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen City, China
Lead designerQiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing
Photography creditsRiye Photography, Zeng Tianpei
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