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Shenzhen International Vanke Hesong Pavilion

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Short description

In the construction of the Hesong Pavilion project, Vanke & Shenzhen International and GND Landscape insisted on proceeding with the feelings and experiences of customers and users, making space a carrier of experience, and reshaping the field spirit of the TOD comprehensive residential area. This project uses green slow-moving and living scenes to create a new living aesthetics, so that the city, community and future life are closely connected to create a sustainable development ecosystem. The space we create is not only a boutique space that conveys art and culture, but it is also part of an entire ecosystem and urban space.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen City, China
Lead designerQiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing
Design teamConcept Design: Zhou Wen, Liu Zhifeng, Yan Xingxing, Yuan Xuepei, Guo Shuqi, Chen Jiarong Garden design: Dai Jianli, Liu Yuanting, Huang Juan Plant design: Luo Chuyi, Zeng Fengling
Photography creditsRiye Photography
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