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Shenzhen International Vanke Hesong Pavilion

Short description

In the construction of the Hesong Pavilion project, Vanke & Shenzhen International and GND Landscape insisted on proceeding with the feelings and experiences of customers and users, making space a carrier of experience, and reshaping the field spirit of the TOD comprehensive residential area. This project uses green slow-moving and living scenes to create a new living aesthetics, so that the city, community and future life are closely connected to create a sustainable development ecosystem. The space we create is not only a boutique space that conveys art and culture, but it is also part of an entire ecosystem and urban space.

Entry details
Location:Shenzhen City, China
Lead designerQiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng, Li Bing
Design teamConcept Design: Zhou Wen, Liu Zhifeng, Yan Xingxing, Yuan Xuepei, Guo Shuqi, Chen Jiarong Garden design: Dai Jianli, Liu Yuanting, Huang Juan Plant design: Luo Chuyi, Zeng Fengling
Photography creditsRiye Photography
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