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Shenzhen Airport Renewal


Short description

The Shenzhen Airport Renewal has an ambitious approach toward green infrastructure. It is a tangible example of how investing in a sustainable and innovative framework can express Shenzhen's culture, values, and aspirations; promote sustainability, and instigate future development. The overall design structure creates 2 axes, 4 zones, and 3 nodes organizing the airport's environment into a series of architectural elements and landscape spaces. Sponge city strategies are embraced to manage and utilize water systems to reinforce sustainability and urban resilience. The overriding idea is of stewardship, to create and enhance a healthy green, productive landscape environment. The landscape design strives to connect the airport to the city, the city to the community, and the community to nature.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen - China
Studio NameAECOM
Lead designerDavid Jung, LenRen Lee, Shirley Chen
Design teamThanida Green Rakvongthai, Torlarp Nimsrisukkul, Kei Yeung, Youhong Dong, Patsy Yang, Joan Lo, Jinxia Liang, Hana Huang, Ni Ni, Yujiao Tao, Ruixian Liu
Photography creditsAECOM; Shenzhen Bao'an Administration
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