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SHANAN – Deep Stream

Fununit Design

Short description

Anji bamboo Sea surrounded, hidden in this piece of the Wizard of Oz.「SHANAN」 is a ideal city, hillside, birdsong, air, sea of clouds in the world. Halfway up the mountain, 17 guest rooms face the bamboo sea and mountains.
Located at the north foot of Tianmu Mountain in Anji, it is natural and luxurious, fashionable and comfortable, with floor heating, bathtub and private soup bubble pool.
Halfway up the mountain the immortal site selection, invincible vision let the design return to nature, step by step.
「SHANAN」 is located in anji town, deep king line and bamboo woods, with the highest elevation as a piece of the hill house, with the whole piece of green rolling hills.
A whole piece of unobstructed viewing terrace will stretch the view infinitely, but also will extend the holiday feeling infinitely.
Three separate mid-mountain townhouses, named "Need", "Yi" and "Chi", are located directly in front of the bamboo forest and green mountains.
During the walk up the eyes are bamboo sea green, step by step a scene is picturesque like a dream.
Rammed earth colored building walls restore color to nature; Geometric lines scattered, and more people have a sense of substitution into it.
Generous use of floor-to-ceiling window design, using windows to frame the interior, let the hard building mixed with warm and rustic beauty.
It also brings the natural scenery to the front to the greatest extent, giving people a sense of transparent breathing.
Only 17 guest rooms, collection of mountain beauty
Private soup hot spring into the household, lying to see the starry sky bamboo sea
"Chi" has a total of 8 guest rooms, distributed on two to four floors.
Walking in the corridor between the buildings, the clean light through the building on the wall, trance like being in Barcelona's Casa Mira.
The design of the guest room is a vivid interpretation of the integration of architecture and nature.
Each guest room has floor-to-ceiling Windows with the best view of the mountains. Slowly open the curtains, and a beautiful picture of natural creation unfolds before your eyes.
"Yi" of 4 suites, a single door with a private bubble pool, more private.
The mild main tone of the leisure area on the first floor is like a pair of gentle hands at first sight, effortlessly smoothing the manic depressive heart.
The rest room area on the second floor is easily "bought" with two windows.
A window facing the vast bamboo sea, the mountains and the four seasons sent to the eyes; One window faces the sky, tap the remote control to open the curtain, and you can harvest the stars at night. Just lie back and take in all the beauty.
The "Need", 「SHANAN」of "big" and "big production".
The four suites "needed" are impeccable works both in terms of room area and overall layout.
Push the door to enter, the huge "U "shaped wall, natural semi-enclosed into the whole space. At the same time, the rest of the surrounding things are isolated, more private this world for a short time "to own".
「SHANAN」 is a place that cannot be defined by concrete terms, as if it could not simply be called a hotel or a B&B.
Here is more like an omnipotent ivory tower, containing all the yearning for a better life, as well as every surprise inadvertently in the corner.
The meaning of the holiday is not a day to in each big scenic spot, also is not only a good until emptying, of a 「SHANAN」 is a kind of beauty, health, cure way of life, in back tired everyday, often miss, often the power of comfort.

Entry details
LocationAnji, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Studio Name Fununit Design
Lead designerEason Zhu
Design teamDesign Team | Erhuan Chai, Yeqing Feng, Eileen Chen, Jiajun Li, Apple Wu, Yiting Du, Liangliang Weng, Xiaoxian Hu
Photography creditsAogvision
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