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Nimkat Studio

Photographed by:

Farzad Bagherzadeh

Short description

"SA" is a design company co-founded by Alireza Emtiaz and Saqar Kahkdan in Shiraz, IRAN. In a brief introduction, Sa designs and manufactures sculptural furniture inspired by the heritage of Persian calligraphy.

This place is called "Shah-e-Pariun" for some reason. The structure was built as a cultural and artistic complex, but was abandoned unfinished until today. As a background story In folklore literature, Shah-e-Pariun is the name of the sultan's daughter who rules over the territory of the jinns. In contemporary Iranian culture, the name refers to upper-class girls.

When we arrived on location, everyone was excited to see the products in the context of the brutalist interior style. The assignment did not require staged scenes but focused on finding appealing compositions inside the place. To enhance the sense of place, the photographer was careful to change the landscape views later in post-production in each image. The presence of natural environments adds a touch of life to the neutral scenes.

Since this was a location-based photo assignment, it was also necessary to create a balance between natural and studio lighting. The tactical part of the lighting was to control the reflection on the glossy surface of the product while using strobes to show three-dimensionality. Overall, the photo crew was optimistic about creating good visual materials for showcasing at the "Milan Annual Furniture Fair". Later, the client was inspired by the place and decided to shoot another product category of product in Shahe-e-Pariun.

Entry details
LocationShiraz, Iran
Studio Name Nimkat Studio
Photographer NameFarzad Bagherzadeh
Design teamAlireza Emtiaz, Saqar Khakdan (Sa Design Co)
Photography creditsFarzad Bagherzadeh
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