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Seven Creeks

Zhonghehongmei Design

Short description

Taking inspiration from the artistic conception from two extraordinary paintings, The Vast Land and The Night Revels of Han Xizai, the design team try to interpret the spiritual characteristics of scholars in Song Dynasty and beauty in life into this space. In addition, diffuse lights are used in many places to foster an elegant atmosphere in Song-style aesthetic. Thanks to the decoration of grilles, the indoor light and shadow are more dynamic, and the space, though simple and plain, but looks more lively.
By virtue of classical architectural symmetry technique and the minimalist lines of Song-style aesthetics, the design team borrow pitched roof into the interior. Whether the outside of the building or the interior, they are both decorated with arc elements, so the whole space is more unified. Every detail of decorations here in the space makes it more magnificent.
Those representative elements in Song aesthetic, such as tea, flower, painting and so forth are widely used in Seven Creeks Residence Demonstration Zone, while the use of incense makes the air here more implicated and immersive. The life scene of Song aesthetic is totally unfolded in Seven Creeks Residence.
The paintings on the wall are in contrast with different textures of other objects, achieving a unique power featuring simpleness of Song aesthetics and modern aesthetics. Activities like guests greeting, visiting, tea drinking, negotiation, banquet, etc, are all full of a sense of ritual and beauty. Art pervades each and every corner of the space.
The screen at the entrance of the north building is made of semi-transparent material, so the indoor and outdoor are connected and people are better to appreciate tweedle while having meal. The painting, The Night Revels of Han Xizai, makes the space full of cultural connotation.

Entry details
LocationSuzhou - China
Studio NameZhonghehongmei Design
Lead designerYinan Wang
Design teamXiubei Zhang
Photography creditsZhonghehongmei Design
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