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Seal · Xiangjiang River · NEW288

DMXS Design Co., Ltd.

Short description

NEW 288 is "a space with full spiritual empowerment for people". The whole building faces the Xiangjiang River completely, and its architectural forms, interior patterns, and life axis are around the "river scenery".
Standing in the panoramic living room, we can see the ultimate wide scenery of the Xiangjiang River, and enjoy our own daily life embraced by the natural beauty of the river.
In the symmetrical layout of LDK, the dining room and sitting room are located on the one side of the center, respectively. The crystal lamps that arrange with an array form strength the visual sense of the wide vertical feeling. The dining table is next to the middle island with different heights, and their materials are also contrast and scattered.

Entry details
LocationChangsha City, China
Studio NameDMXS Design Co., Ltd.
Lead designerFang Wen
Photography creditsXIN QIU, ZHI CHEN
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