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Sanya Farm Lab

CLOU Architects

Project description

Jimao Sanya Nanshan Co-Life Pavilion is a 4,000 sqm 4-storey exhibition space, located in Nanfan High Tech District of Sanya - a globally renowned travel destination and the southernmost city on Hainan Island. The design aim is to adapt ecological technology elements of the district for a green and multifunctional research and retail space. RESEARCH HUB OF THE DISTRICT With the local government investing in research to address pressing ecological issues and a growing demand for rural tourism among the Chinese middle class, the Nanfan District is fast becoming a Hub for scientific research in tropical agriculture. The Co-Life Pavilion explores the potential of technological advances in agriculture and marketing to blur the traditional distinctions between countryside and city. NOT JUST AN EXHIBITION CENTER The Co-Life Pavilion integrates exhibition spaces showcasing innovations in robotization and indoor vertical farming. The ambition is to demonstrate applied research and highlight the educational and lifestyle aspects of agricultural science by maximizing the opportunities for encounters between researchers, visitors and tourists. PLATFORMS, STAIRS AND SHADE The architectural form is developed in three steps: firstly three glass boxes of varying size are strategically stacked to form “grey space” below cantilevers and on roof surfaces. Secondly, outdoor spaces are connected by a spiral staircase and feature stair. The indoor spaces are visually linked by a staggered void. Vertical circulation is via the outdoor stairs prompting frequent transitioning from indoor to outdoor. Thirdly, a simple grid of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams shades these spaces reducing solar gain to the interior spaces by 70% whilst allowing unobstructed views to the natural surroundings. The shape is derived from the traditional houses of the Hainan Li minority.

Project details
Location:Sanya - China
Studio NameCLOU Architects
Lead designerJan Clostermann
Design teamLin Li, Na Zhao, Sebastian Loaiza, Julien Douillet, Yaxi Wang, Tianshu Liu, Tiago Tavares, Principia Wardhani, Javier Pelaez, Yiqiao Zhao
Photography creditsCLOU Architects & SAN LAB
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