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San Kou Zu · Secret Lounge

Lighten Design

Short description

San Kou Zu · Secret Lounge features vintage whiskies and cocktails. According to the long history of whisky and the changes of the times, the designer takes "old" as the main concept element. First from "old and shabby" to "modern", and then from "simple" to "complex". "New" and "old" are intertwined and embedded in the overall design of the lounge, implying that whisky is aged in wooden barrels, traveling through time and space, from the depths of history to the present for people to taste. The golden metal material is integrated into the core space, and the fusion of light and shadow makes the inherent color of the whisky appear brilliant, which stimulates the desire of guests to taste, thus creating an immersive wine tasting atmosphere. The whole lounge is hidden behind the English-style retro red wall, attracting guests to pass through the red wall to experience the cultural background and historical origin of whisky.
In the visual of the whole space, gray/gold is the main tone, creating a mysterious sense of nobility. Gray, as a neutral and calm color, is a color that represents many different cultural meanings. The gold color with luster symbolizes the color of the sun, representing warmth and happiness. It reflects the inherent color of the whisky itself. Different golden colors are reflected under different lighting, which is a metaphor for the various colors contained in whisky of different years. The whole scheme is based on the most original accessories, the most original European elements, and try not to use the main materials to restore the most original construction technology.

Entry details
LocationKunming - China
Studio NameLighten Design
Lead designerWang Bin
Design teamXu Nan
Photography creditsFGI Photography Studio
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