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S-A VOICE / S-A CALM: Minimalist audio product


Product description

Living cluttered lives — especially nowadays — it becomes much harder to remember the important things. Realizing that the essence of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity, the Dutch Sound-Aesthetics® took a different route to conventional speaker-makers, treating their audio product like functional art. Keeping all their innovative technology out of sight, their flat-panel speaker offers high-end audio quality, but requires no floor space — it is simply wall-hung. Featuring interchangeable pieces of geometric art, it is set up for all the major streaming services, and simple to operate using just your smartphone. It is modular, too: Configurable into the described WiFi-speaker (named, S-A VOICE™); or a system to improve room-acoustics (fittingly called, S-A CALM™); and to be combined, for even better results. Even though minimalist, the product isn’t about removing the things you love; it’s about removing things that distract you from the things and the people you love.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameSound-Aesthetics
Lead designerAlbert de Graaf (South Africa-born)
Team MembersAlbert de Graaf is the chief designer. The project was realised with minimal, but valued, contributions of others in functional areas, including testing, circuit-board formalisation and of course, our valued manufacturers
Location:The Hague, The Netherlands
Photography creditsSound-Aesthetics
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