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Logoexisto® arquitetura e interiores by Paz da Costa | arquitetura + interiores Lda

Short description

The existing building integrated in a rural agglomeration, in a Special Protection Zone for the Alto Douro Vinhateiro – a region classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in the category of cultural landscape – made us aware of the need for an almost surgical intervention, where respect for the existence reigns in every detail. Greater awareness of rural architecture and landscape as a resource for development and sustainability; the importance of rigorous knowledge of the past and the recognition of the identity and authenticity of buildings and their places, lead us to a reflection on intervention methodologies – prioritizing non-intrusive solutions. Taking these factors into account, and highlighting some guidelines mentioned in the Venice Charter of 1964, where authenticity appears as an essential qualitative factor for the qualification of heritage values, and assuming the principle of cultural diversity, judging each work in the context to which it belongs, he considered It is fundamental, in this project, to recognize and safeguard the identity of the building through its typology, morphology and construction systems. The project imposed accuracy and rehabilitation techniques based on the conservation of the shale masonry and the wooden structural elements related to the roof and floors. Reinforcements were introduced in several structural elements, in order to safeguard the original pieces and new metallic elements were integrated, as an example of the interior staircase, which promote a dialogue between eras. The carpentries participated in the restoration of the image of the object of intervention and some infrastructures and equipment, which took a lot of work to hide, provide greater thermal comfort in the use of spaces. In interior design, each accommodation unit defines a local theme representative of the Douro Region and culture. The swimming pool, meticulously integrated into the terrain, provides a reading of the landscape, perhaps sublime.

Entry details
LocationVila Nova de Foz Côa, Douro Valley - Portugal
Lead designerMarco Paz, arq.
Design teamMarco Paz, arq., Sandra Costa,, Joaquim Fernandes, arq., Elodie Marimba, arq.
Photography creditsMaurício Teixeira by Logoexisto_Comunicação
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