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Rongcheng Freedom Bay Community Centre

BAI Design International

Short description

The project is located at the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula, between the lake and the sea, surrounded by unique natural resources such as black pine forest, cherry blossoms and swan habitat. It is an ‘urban communal room’ built accommodating an interactive exhibition, conference center, and leisure space on two levels to promote sustainable urban development. The project is also a ‘city hall’ bringing together policy makers, built environment experts and the general public to develop future smart city and sustainable environmental design concepts. The completion of the project will further improve the city's public facilities and contribute to the local culture, health and well-being.
The design adheres to the principle of "ecological priority" by partially elevating the first floor to return the space to outdoor activities and minimize the visual disturbance to the natural landscape. The highly reflective facade materials echo the changes of the surrounding environment at different times of the day.
When people act in the space, the space will have vitality. We hope to "replace architecture with scene" and let architecture become the stage of life. The public space on the ground floor will bring more unique public and cultural events to the local residents. The semi-outdoor amphitheater under the large clear span and the terrace spaces will provide more possibilities for people to interact with its natural environmental settings.
The landscape design continues the language of the simple building form and takes into account rain and flood management in response to global climate change: the use of permeable paving effectively reduces water retention on the ground and mitigates the negative environmental impacts caused by excessive rainfall. The pond in the foreground of the building serves as a rainwater recycling tank, and the recycled rainwater can be used for irrigation and water features.

Entry details
LocationRongcheng, China
Lead designerYu Bai
Photography creditsArchi-Translator
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