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Robotically Fabricated Structure (RFS)

Adel Design Research (ADR)

Short description

RFS is a robotically fabricated timber pavilion that explores responsible and precise methods contributing to sustainable and low-carbon construction outlooks. This structure is designed with the help of custom algorithms developed specifically for this project and built through state-of-the-art human-robot collaborative construction. RFS employs bespoke prefabricated timber sub-assemblies manufactured from regionally sourced short 2x4 dimensional lumber and utilizes industrial robotic arms to process and assemble elements into intricately layered modules. After fabrication, modules are transported to the site, where human workers move each sub-assembly into place and attach them together to form the pavilion. The integrated digital design and construction process for RFS is a novel approach to reconsidering issues of material use, labor, and the environment to create intelligent and resourceful architecture with striking expressive qualities. RFS is situated in the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor, Michigan; it is designed for public engagement, acting as a defined gathering point located within the framework of a public conservatory while still maintaining an open-air condition.

Entry details
LocationAnn Arbor - US
Lead designerArash Adel
Design teamWe could not fit the list of team members and collaborators within the maximum 300 characters limit. Please contact us for the complete list of team members for publication.
Photography creditsArash Adel, Bob Berg, Daniel Ruan, Matthew Weyhmiller
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