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Short description

JYM is a collection based on contrasting basic geometric shapes, generating singular and dynamic pieces that take design elements from the twentieth century avant-garde and com-bines them with postmodern forms, that generate a contrast between a cylindrical surface with tangential faces and an open angle with two diagonals, clearly creating a language through this juxtaposition of figures that applies for all the pieces of the family, including bathroom accessories, wall-mounted shower fixtures, and even the kitchen mixer with exten-sion.

Picking up a lineage of geometric arbitrariness in architecture and design, the collection suggests certain uses and movements thanks to punctual lines and vertices. Likewise, by means of opposing angles, the pieces indicate the direction in which the lever must be actuated for the water to flow. All the pieces in the collection have a cold start function, which means hot water will not be consumed until the mixer is turned out of its central position to the left, saving considerable energy consumption.

An alloy of metals such as chrome and nickel allow the pieces to be resistant to high temperatures, in addition to protecting them from oxidation thanks to their chrome galvanized coating, which ensures that their durability has a prolonged period of use without the need for cleaners and chemical products for its maintenance.

Entry details
LocationGuadalajara - Mexico
Lead designerEmiliano Godoy
Design teamEmiliano Godoy
Photography creditsEmiliano Godoy
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