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Refound Furniture Showroom

Ruifang (chongqing) Home Furnishing Co., Ltd

Short description

As a representative of local design home furnishing companies, the most important point in its philosophy is "to do independent, fit and livable works for each customer". When designing the showroom of Swiss Home, we wanted to present a relaxed state, to feel the return of "home" in every space and give some small inspiration to the people in it.
Different from the traditional whole-house custom exhibition hall to convey a sense of high-end through dark field and rich façade expression, Ruifang Home Furnishing Exhibition Hall wants to express a relaxed display atmosphere because it is located in a space with a sky and a yard. More white space and sculptural basic shapes are to enhance the role of custom furniture in space, that is, to "retreat" in the appropriate position and "appear" in the appropriate scene under the premise of satisfying the functionality.
The Ruifang Home Showroom abandons the function of the front desk at the entrance to form a composite function of the round hall, which can produce product launches, staff training, bar function activity areas, dance parties, art exhibitions and other behaviors. After passing through the round hall, pass through the corridor to enter the retro kitchen display area, cloakroom, social living room, social kitchen, bar, children's room display area, women's cloakroom, 800 library, tea room and other functional areas, and in the moving line, through the change of ground height and the change of top surface height to form three different heights and gradually rising viewing surfaces. These spatial hierarchies at different scales help bring in sunlight and borrowing scenery. On the second floor, a VIP room, swatch selection area, toilet, office and other functional areas are formed around the outdoor terrace. The whole Swiss home is always through the change of space level, the change of sunlight angle and the change of landscape to create a relaxed business place atmosphere, and strive to let Swiss customers enjoy the service process.

Entry details
LocationChongqing, China
Studio NameRuifang (chongqing) Home Furnishing Co., Ltd
Lead designerliuchen
Photography creditsnone
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