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Reconstruct Mountain Dwelling

Research Commune Design

Short description

In the "mountain city" of Chongqing, "mountain dwelling" has always been a natural life ideal that delves into the essence of the city. Calm down to admire the weather of the four seasons, and return to your home to appreciate the treasures of exotic lands. Harmony with light and dust, and relaxation with time are the extension and connotation of the sense of belonging composed of "mountains" and "homes".In order to make everyday life as if it were a mountain front,Research Commune Design further expands the interface of the living space: the entire living room, with its extravagantly wide wall of almost 10 metres, is transformed into a transparent glass folding door and window. All of a sudden, the greenery blends with the earth and the air. Light, rain, temperature and fresh air become visible and palpable, and the outdoor courtyard becomes a natural extension of the domestic scene.Being in the landscape and returning to the instincts of the senses is the meaning of time and the joy of life.
The natural stone paving on the walls of the dining room is as free as an ink brushstroke. The sofas are squared off by the dappled sunlight. The artistic square table, hand-carved from a single piece of teak, is a visual symbol of the remote Central African Tabwa culture. From the Belgian heritage furniture brand Ethnicraft, its exquisite rounded carving has been enhanced over time.
A distant counterpart to the square table is the mid-vintage chair near the window. This 1940s French club chair has a classic curved look and delicate decorative carvings. The lustre of the wood surface is fading and the slightest scratches in the subtleties record the fall of the French epic. The dark wood sideboard, natural stone bench and layered paper art all use material texture and primary colours to complete the story of this exotic collection.

Entry details
LocationChongqing, China
Studio NameResearch Commune Design
Lead designerJing Yao, Jian Sun, Lu Zhang, Shuai Zhu
Photography creditsYosun | Chu Yi Tu Zhi
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