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Reception pavilion of Québec’s National Assembly


Project description

Built completely underground, the new reception pavilion of the National Assembly of Québec helps preserve the Parliament Building’s facade, a potent symbol of the collective memory, while advancing the concept of a living, participatory democracy. A circular ramp, a metaphor for free, direct access to Québec’s contemporary political system, organizes the spaces, from the entrance to the building’s core. The wood wall enclosing the ramp continues the historical narrative inscribed on the Parliament Building, with modern milestones depicted by images evoking notions of community and citizenship. These images are revealed by the illumination of perforated panels that also play a technical role, enabling air circulation and ventilation. In the centre, an agora, open to all, evokes notions of neutrality, unity and equality; an oculus overhead provides illumination as well as a window onto the past and future.

Project details
Location:Québec City, Canada
Studio NameProvencher_Roy
Lead designerClaude Provencher
Photography creditsOlivier Blouin
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