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Raphia Lamps

Ari Tomaz

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Adrianna Oliveira

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Matapi is the name given to the trap used to capture shrimp in the Amazon. The invention, typical of artisanal fishing in the rivers of northern Brazil. It is made by artisan fishermen for generations, with knowledge passed down from father to son. The main raw material for manufacturing the lamps are splints made from the leaves of the Jupati palm tree (Raphia), abundant in the Amazon region. The handling of the splints guarantees sustainability in the elaboration of the product. Leaf collection takes place on a rotating basis and without vegetation suppression, keeping the palm trees alive. In case of disposal, the material is biodegradable. A sustainable product in symbiosis with the Amazon. With the daily experience in the riverside territory and with the Amazonian ancestral knowledge, the architect Ari Tomaz was inspired by the line of Ráphia lamps. Rustic and bold, the line includes wall, table and pendant models, all made of wood and natural fibers. It also has diffused and indirect LED lighting systems, which allow activation variation - making the product ideal for any need.

Entry details
Location:Belém - Brazil
Studio Name Ari Tomaz
TeamManuel Sá, Gustavo Mendes, Guilherme Artigas, Nayara Raiol
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