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»Radiology Düsseldorf« Private Practice at the Media Harbour

two_space + product, Ratingen, Germany

Project description

The "Radiologie Düsseldorf” is located in the former silos of the "Plange Mühle", a wheat mill built in 1906, which is now a listed building.The aim of the interior architecture and total corporate design was to trace the geometry of the original architecture with its 2x5 axially arranged, round silos on all levels and thus to connect and present the past with the present in a multi-layered design concept with complex radiological technology. Different reflective surfaces - in the central corridor as room markings - as well as in the consulting rooms subtly indicate the sculptural interior and life in the practice and create unexpected deep "perspectives" - corresponding to the imaging diagnostics. In addition a color-psychological concept and haptic materials trigger a positive mood effect.

Project details
Location:Düsseldorf, Germany
Studio Nametwo_space + product, Ratingen, Germany
Lead designerClaudia de Bruyn, Dipl. Ing. Interior Architect
Design teamPia Bredehöft , Alina Pick, Anja Sopart
Photography creditsPeter Kalte Photographie, Düsseldorf, Germany
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