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Quintãs Farm Houses

Júlio Caseiro - Arquitectura, Lda

Project description

In the creation’s process of the architectural project were also crucial the formal elements of the proposal, such as the parallelepiped volumes, characteristic of the “Canastros”, the elected materials, such as ceramic roof tile Aged, granite stone blocks fitted in locus, steel, aluminium, glass and wood, sandwich panel (PUR) 75mm, in the covers’ structure, floors and “afizélia” lacquered to the red colour, RAL 3005. Formally, remained prevailed the singularity, unity, equilibrium and harmony, of volumes, colours, materials and textures, exacerbated by the existing games of the full/void, light/shade and visible/invisible, be it outdoors or edification’s indoors. Functionally, the proposal has opted, clear and unequivocally, by the privacy of its users, facing the public and road space, and by the open and generous opening to the natural and private environment, values to which the location and disposition of the fire’s compartment was not unrelated. Technically, the constructive quality is top-level, as the goal was to give the maximum comfort and well-being to the users, therefore in the design grant there was special attention to the constructive details, and, subsequently, a careful, wise and master execution. The ground level wall exteriors are in stone, box air, steam screen, thermic block, rock wool, plasterboard. At first level, the wall exterior is built in structure and panel wood slatted lacquered in red colour, instead the stone wall. It´s a green arch project winner.

Project details
Location:Arouca, Portugal
Studio NameJúlio Caseiro - Arquitectura, Lda
Lead designerJúlio Caseiro
Photography creditsDaniel Luciano (nº1) and Unformal Studio (nº2 to 6)
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Quintãs Farm Houses Quintãs Farm Houses Quintãs Farm Houses Quintãs Farm Houses Quintãs Farm Houses Quintãs Farm Houses