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Qpokee Flagship Store in Sanlitun

CUN Design

Short description

This store is located in the Middle street of Sanlitun. This street, which connects to the north and south districts of Taikoo Li, is continuously redefined in the process of urban renewal. The store has a unique geographical advantage for its core business, but it also has its own shortcomings: The store is 500 square meters, but the first floor has only 100 square meters, the floor height is relatively low, and the location doesn’t have many passenger flow, etc.
In this part, we used the representative tomato color of Qpokee as the main color, and used the largest area to make a large display window, so that the overall Qpokee brand can be enhanced, and stopping, visiting, and staying of dynamic passenger flow is also increased.
In the space with high rent, we instead renovated and designed floor stairs linking the first and second floors, so that people can be better introduced into the large area. Moreover, a structural staircase was used to solve the overlap of display, enhancement, function, and stocking. The staircase can be passed through, and it is also a display surface of products.
We used the style of the entire space to form vision, the structures to assist products, props to complete functions, and lights to light up the levels.
After a month of intense design, plus 50 days of construction, At the night when Qpokee was opened, the store’s flow rate and sales data reached a historical peak within an hour.

Entry details
LocationBeijing, China
Studio Name CUN Design
Lead designerCui Shu
Design teamHou Longyang, Ma Chuan, Fu Lin, Wang Jizhou
Photography creditsWu qingshan, Shuangshuang
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