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Pvilion’s Solar Powered Expeditionary Tent System


Short description

Pvilion’s Solar Powered Expeditionary Tent System is the first product of its kind to conveniently align solar, energy storage, cooling, and heating, to offer a fully off-grid expeditionary system that can function in any setting. The fabric used on this structure is Pvilion’s signature solar cell integrated fabric, meaning that these tents can generate sustainable power for communications, lighting, environmental controls, and electrical devices fully independently from the grid. It is a highly capable shelter that has solar fabric, integrated tent, floor, and liner for thermal performance. It is immediately operational in any environment. Its convenient design allows for easy set-up, transport, and function. The lightweight tent offers 200 square feet of usable space and can be fully erected in 20 minutes.

Entry details
LocationBooklyn, NY, USA
Studio Name Pvilion
Lead designerTodd Dalland
Design teamRobert Lerner, Colin Touhey
Photography creditsPvilion
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