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Pvilion’s Hands-Off Expeditionary Tent (HEXT)


Short description

Pvilion’s Hands-Off Expeditionary Tent (HEXT) is a rapidly deployable shelter system built with defense, industrial and commercial applications in mind. This tent has been developed by Pvilion for the USAF in support of additive manufacturing, space operations, and expeditionary forces. Its advanced design reduces the labor, manpower, and time required to erect and dismantle temporary shelters for austere and remote environments. The structure can be entirely deployed at the push of a button without human intervention in less than three minutes. Where large labor forces and much time were previously required, the Hands-Off Expeditionary Tent structural system allows for fewer logistics operators managing more parallel processes. This rapid sequence allows more time to focus on mission accomplishment and less time required for logistics and setup. The tent fully erects itself in a matter of minutes, literally with the push of a button. It features walls, doors, optional solar powered integrations, and allows for plenty of space for meetings and operations to take place.

Entry details
LocationBooklyn, NY, USA
Studio Name Pvilion
Lead designerColin Touhey
Design teamTodd Dalland, Robert Lerner
Photography creditsPvilion
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