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Architecture | Multi Unit Housing

Providencia 721

Almazán Arquitectos Y Asociados

Short description

The project is located in one of the most representative and with greater growth of the urban sprawl of the Mexico City, Del Valle; On a 356m2 plot of land, a building with 1495 m2 of consolidated construction blocks of 4 levels, divided by a large patio. Given the growth of the area, the number of buildings, and the large offer of apartments, the project intended to create a building to stand out from the other developments due to its design, as an intention of the project and commercial, it was sought that the 7 apartments of 146m2 each one, were different from each other, most of them have two floors, -and a distribution that allowed to generate interior spaces interesting; some by using ladders, and others by use of double heights.
The latter was complemented with the generation of terraces and gardens which each one of the departments enjoys, these enrich making interior views and circulations more attractive; turning the building into a small oasis within the city. On the façade, apparent concrete predominates, which seems to float
thanks to the difference of cloths that exists with the ground floor helping to frame the main entrance. Inside the departments
I choose to use the horizontal and vertical elements in white to achieve greater luminosity in the spaces; materials, such as concrete, steel, and wood for visual finishes achieve this way, having an aesthetic, timeless result that it exhibits the structure. Socially the design and versatility of the departments attracted very diverse users who achieved adapted the departments to your taste and needs; generating an even more interesting result and an appropriation of spaces

Entry details
LocationCDMX, Mexico
Lead designerGuillermo Suarez Almazan
Design teamGuillermo Almazan Cueto, Guillermo Suarez Almazan
Photography creditsJaime Navarro
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