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Architecture | Sports & Recreation

Prototype deck for sports and public spaces


Project description

The project’s aim is to create an open space that gives true relevance to the role of the community in the construction of a city. A modular system is composed from an elongated rhombus type piece that multiplies and unites in a base module or a complementary module, making an adaptable - progressively growing and transforming structure. A sequence of physical perceptions based on natural factors such as humidity, heat, cold or luminosity accompanied by controlled elements like light filtration, fans and aspersers, or sound and water implementations, create a spontaneous atmosphere that make people sensible to their own bodies relationship with nature. The structure acts as a tool for promoting any sort of activities ranging from sportive, ludic, economic, academic and cultural, to social, taking advantage of its open kind that suggests interactions between people and with nature. The design is defined by the trees’and bushes’shape, which determine if the structure bends or expands.

Project details
Location:Barrancabermeja - Colombia
Lead designerGiancarlo Mazzanti
Design teamGiancarlo Mazzanti, Carlos Medellín, Humberto Mora, Simón Escabi, Juan Carlos Zapata, Luz Rocío Lamprea, Juan Carlos Zapata, Laura Pachón, Lorena Mendoza, Manuela Dangond, Andrés Melo, Juan Esteban Parra, Julian Quiroz
Photography creditsAlejandro Arango - Pequeño Robot
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