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Kar Porselen

Short description

A small step for you, a bigger one for them
What we take from the earth, we give it back. We reduce our carbon footprint with the Prints Collection, which we produce from 100% recycled material. We cooperate with WWF-Turkey so that threatened wild animals can take one more step on earth.
Every piece of Prints collection is genuinely inspired by the tail and footprints of threatened species. With every Prints product that can be put on the table, it is possible to draw attention to living creatures whose future is in danger and to make them leave another mark on the world.
Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Products
Prints by Bonna products are produced from 100% recycled industrial waste within the framework of Bonna's understanding of efficiency in the use of natural resources and sustainability in production. Bonna invites you to participate in this transformation from the table, with these products that it produced without wasting the resources of our planet.

Entry details
LocationKocaeli, Turkey
Studio Name Kar Porselen
Lead designerReyhan Tuncer
Photography creditsKar Porselen
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