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Praia Mansa Apartment

Leandro Garcia

Short description

Robert Orben once said: “A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.” Located on Praia Mansa, a beach in the Brazilian coastal city of Matinhos, this vacation apartment was designed to allow moments of celebration, leisure and relaxation for a large family in the best possible environment.
With a plan where Brazilian marble reigns supreme, the 158-square-meter apartment is enriched with touches of gold emerging from the veins of the marble, soft hues, wooden elements and lightness to create a warm, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere that invites relaxation and disconnection and values local and natural materials and furnishings.
To improve the distribution of the apartment, the social areas were integrated and enlarged to create an open and common space formed by the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, where the whole family can enjoy their meeting moments.
Upon entering the apartment, a see-trough bookcase made of freijó wood breaks the floor plan by adding privacy to the bedrooms on one side and leaving the open-plan living and dining section on the other side. This combined space, complete with a marble-topped kitchen and bespoke dining table, offers a captivating view of the Atlantic Ocean.
The pristine palette continues in the bedrooms as well, which enters in the intimate part of the apartment. The rooms gradually become whiter, accentuating calmness and serenity.

Entry details
LocationMatinhos - Brazil
Studio Name Leandro Garcia
Lead designerLeandro Garcia
Photography creditsFran Parente
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