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Polet Restaurant


Project description

The interior of the ‘Polet’ restaurant reminds of the scenery for a sci-fi movie. The sleek steel shapes and portholes at the entrance make the room look like the cabin of a space shuttle. One of the main principles in the interior of ‘Polet’ is minimalism. There is a lack of decor to which the audience in Moscow restaurants is so used, no patterns and ornaments on the walls and in design elements. Instead there are large shining objects. Huge silver Martian goddesses like figures are installed on symmetric columns at the entrance. They can be easily placed in the decorations of the Hollywood movie about new civilizations. “We wanted to convey energy, speed, strength and dynamism to give the guests an opportunity to experience new emotions,” comments Julien Albertini, co-founder of Asthetique Studio in New York, who designed the interior of ‘Polet’. High ceilings, lots of air, shiny surfaces, silver curtains, glass and monumental objects like spectacular concrete panel illustrating the takeoff of the aircraft (there was an airfield once on the Khodynka Field), are balanced with the wild greenery that covers the walls of some of the halls, delicate shade of furniture and Luniq chairs, specially designed by Asthetique for this project. The game of colors occurs due to the use of various surfaces - matte or reflective.

Project details
Location:Moscow - Russia
Studio NameAsthetique
Lead designerAlina Pimkina
Design teamJulien Albertini, Alina Pimkina, Ilya Mozgunov
Photography creditsMikhail Loskutov
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