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Poetic Pavilion

Kris Lin International Design

Short description

1. Location
The case is located in Suzhou, a typical Chinese garden city. The designer draws the inspiration of the Chinese garden with the history of thousand-year-old and implants the concept of Chinese garden into the design. The design interprets the classical element in a modern way, moreover, to inherit the culture in a humanistic way.
2. Concept
The designer tried to refine and improve the beauty of the Suzhou impression which existed in people's minds a long time ago. It will be presented in a new way as a new demonstration area that can be accepted by the local people and also can fully reflect the innovative life concept of modern society's lifestyle.
A.Light Pavilion
The reception desk at the entrance is enclosed by an acrylic panel with jade sand surface and contains an LED light belt, which lets the light gently ooze out, just like a light pavilion floating in the lake. The interesting and artistic implantation increases the visual effect and triggers the desire to explore.
Visitors are invited inside to explore the "light pavilion", while the silhouettes formed by people are also part of the light pavilion for external visitors to enjoy. Create a visual focus of "seeing and being seen".
B.Lake and Moon
The indoor water is connected to the outdoor landscaped pool, blurring the building boundary. grid, a cover, in the line of sight switch, the space is opened like a fan-shape, lingering on the waterfront.
C.Bridge and Pine
The exhibition area has a translucent step, like a bridge in the sky, free and winding. The pine under the steps strengthens the poetic character of the space.

Entry details
LocationSuzhou, China
Lead designerKris Lin, Anda Yang
Photography creditsKLID
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