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Pillows + Throws of Recycled Cotton Knit Blend


Short description

bläanks’s pillows + throws are sustainably knitted-to-size with zero waste in the USA using our signature, fade-resistant recycled cotton-blend yarn. We offer many custom-knitted textures in a full spectrum of colors, all machine washable and dryer safe.

Our most popular core yarn is a recycled cotton blend fiber made from 50% recycled cotton fabric scraps pre-consumer and 50% recycled polyester post-consumer. The pre-consumer cotton fabric scraps come from apparel factories that, if not recycled, would end up in landfills. The polyester comes from a process where post-consumer plastic bottles are converted into new polyester fibers without the use of water. These amazing fibers are spun together to create our soft and resilient fade-resistant yarn.

• Knit to Size for Zero-Waste Production
• Indoor + Outdoor Use
• Fade-Resistant
• Machine Wash and Dry
• Custom Capabilities
• Quickship In-Stock Program
• Hospitality Grade, Passes NFPA 260 and CAL 117-2013
• Sustainably Knitted in the USA
• Women-Owned

Entry details
LocationLos Angeles - USA
Studio Name bläanks
Lead designerbläanks
Design teamSuss Cousins + Judy Pokonosky
Photography creditsbläanks
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