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Pet bowl stand Gloche inspired by traditional serving dishes

Levantin design

Short description

Finally, an authentic pet feeder to complement the cozy interior! Gloche is a modern pet table accessory designed by the Ukrainian studio Levantin design especially for the German brand Charn's pets. It is designed for lovers of authentic products, bringing quality materials to living spaces in a playful design. The product's look creates a joyful feeling of warmth, thanks to the charming shape of the ceramic bowl and the sculptural stand. This pleasant image is inspired by the dinner party tradition of serving dishes under the "Gloche" lid. The characteristic name pays homage to the art of eating.

Gloche is ideal for cats and dogs of all breeds thanks to the four sizes available. It has a sturdy metal anti-tipping structure with non-slip silicone feet. The different volumes and heights of the racks are adapted to suit all pets' appetites. The bowls are made of quality ceramics with a food-grade glaze, which can be removed and cleaned easily. And their colorful palette allows you to find the perfect match for your interior, just as beautiful as the dishes on your table.

Entry details
LocationKharkiv, Ukraine
Lead designerSergei Lvov
Design teamSergei Lvov, Aleksandr Lvov
Photography creditsSergei Lvov
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