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Perceptual games

G.M Interiors

Short description

From the point of view of the director of a design studio, design belief is life. Imagination is very precious to designers, so we subverted the conventional concept of space design.
From the perspective of experience, the most stable black, white and gray give people the tone of freedom, on which light, shadow, color and shade are all the protagonists.
The constructions between the games form unique structural Spaces. Cabinet and table cut into the physical space in all directions of the intersection of the formation of a new geometric area. With the help of these unique geometric structures and characteristics, the moving lines circle and shuttle inside the space. There is a kind of "garden view", which expresses the modern vocabulary.
The perturbation of space is a re-design of the dialectical relationship between "general perspective" and "design perspective". Everyday objects are nested in the space in a large scale in an interesting form, introducing a toy-like perception through a series of subtle arrangements in the perspective and streamline. In order to explore how much disturbance can achieve a perceptual balance, the design carried out a series of tests and thinking.
Including the added value of classical industrial design, these constructions form an interesting "field" that is oriented on a large scale, but plays a role in enlarging the space by evoking the experience of sightseeing on a human scale.
The field has a strong emotional language, whether it is the touch created by simple and pure light, switching to the interface layer, or the unique effect created by the collision of different materials. The natural and organic space contour brings not only a quieter independent space, but also a continuous field and atmosphere. The addition of subtle metallic luster is more interesting. The process of the visitor's sense and space intersection completes the "signified" and "signifier" of a design office.

Entry details
LocationChongqing, Guangzhou, China
Studio NameG.M Interiors
Lead designerLu Weitao
Photography creditssoar
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