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Pau de Lume Restaurant

RH+ Arquitectos

Short description

Like the food served, there is a sense of fusion in the genesis of ‘Pau de Lume’ Restaurant conception, combining the rawness of the space and its characteristics with an interior design style that merges an industrial and retro décor. The aim was to create a light contemporary space, bright and cosy as a winter garden, as if it were an extension of the outdoor gardens, moving us away from the city’s hustle and bustle to a more natural and invigorating environment.
Apart from design styles, humans and nature also blend in 'Pau de Lume': man built it, imprinting its presence by defining specific stereotomies, combinations and ways of applying the materials, but also by being faithful to its’ structural essence and the aesthetic qualities of the materials. Then nature took over and balanced it with smaller or taller plants and natural light itself.
The space is as open as possible, having few partitions for service areas and workspaces on the back. The curved shape and the high ceilings variations were inherent characteristics that were highlighted, which didn´t make it necessary to define different dining areas, and not risk having a bland and continuous space.
White textured bricks, Concrete and glass define the vertical and ceiling surfaces, whereas wood and hydraulic mosaic tiles, the flooring. Lighting design and nobler materials, such as marble, the kitchen accessories, the technical equipment such as air conditioning, and the steel-framed furniture and partitions were also important for defining the restaurant’s industrial mood.
The nature and gardens’ universe made themselves present by the vase-like lamps and the small bouquets like mini gardens suspended from the ceiling, distributed more freely in terms of heights and positions as if a living organism popping out randomly in nature.

Entry details
LocationFunchal - Portugal
Lead designerRoberto Castro e Hugo Gil Jesus
Photography creditsNuno Andrade e Savoy Signature
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