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Patina Maldives

Studio mk27

Short description

The hotel in the Maldives provides a welcoming space for people to live light and amplify natural feelings in a dreamy state. The volumetric answers are extremely delicate, respectful to its surroundings, trying to provide shadows and coziness, to capture and amplify the landscape strength. The architectural lines never break the horizon, they speak low and elegantly. All buildings are visually permeable, dematerialized, putting life and men in the center of the experience.
The island’s shape followed natural curves. The greens take care of almost all the island and determine a series of beaches and trails in the nature, erasing any traces of human gestures. The only built path, in wood, determines an axis that organizes the whole program for the hotel. On the left there are the main building and most of the villas. To the right, there’s the spa and the common spaces of the village and beach club. The landscape ornaments the whole island, creates privacy for the villas and unfolds to highlight the most important common buildings, establishing a hierarchy of focuses to the different constructions. The atmosphere becomes more vibrant in the Village. Buildings fully melted in the sand, where you can’t feel the transition of the outside.
The SPA is an “island within the island”. A building invaded by skies and dense vegetation from all sides. The massage rooms can be floating boxes or inside the building, but still enjoying nice, framed views of the surroundings. Here you can almost forget that you are surrounding by water.
The hotel is a kaleidoscope of atmospheres organized in an ascending way: from private to public, from isolation to belonging, from simplicity to sophistication, from soft shadows to overwhelming light. It’s a rhythm with contrast, pauses and transparencies. From slow dolce far niente to exuberant real vitality.

Entry details
LocationNorth Malé Athol - Maldives
Studio Name Studio mk27
Lead designerMarcio Kogan, Renata Furlanetto, Diana Radomysler, Pedro Ribeiro
Design teamAndré Sumida, Carolina Klocker, Elisa Friedmann, Gabriela Chow, Gustavo Ramos, Giovanni Meirelles, Julia Pinheiro, Lair Reis, Luciana Antunes, Renato Perigo, Regiane Leão, Renata Scheliga, Ricardo Ariza, Mariana Ruzante, Saamanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski, Thauan Miquelin, Laura Guedes, Tamara L.
Photography creditsFernando Guerra / George Roske
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