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Park Mansion Landscape Design


Project description

Located in the ancient town of Luzhi in China, the landscape design of Park Mansion uses modern art design to reconstruct the style of the ancient town, turning the impression of the ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River into reality. On the basis of preserving the traditional culture, the design makes a modern interpretation of the old traditions, from the classical gardens with water management, mountain building, and forest planting to the modern landscape with water, mountains, and forests. The deformation and combination of clean lines form the spatial order to bring nature to the site. Integrated with the overall building, the smooth geometric cutting penetrates into the whole design, highlighting the spirit and meaning of the brand. The pines at the entrance create a scene experience as the painting. The scenery wall is like staggered screens, created by geometric cutting and lighting. Through the combination and collision of materials, the intersection of light and shadow, and the atmosphere of welcoming grass steps. The overall color tone is mainly black and gray to set off the high level of green, beige is used as a soft transition, and the metal layering increases the texture.

Project details
Location:Suzhou, China
Studio NameARTBELL
Lead designerWu Guowei
Photography creditsYineng and Qiu Ripei
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