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Architecture | Multi Unit Housing

Ourânia Building

Studio mk27

Short description

Ourania is a small building, with 9 floors and 8 generous apartments located in São Paulo, next to the bohemian neighborhood of Vila Madalena. Situated in a higher level of the region, it benefits from a beautiful view from a green valley where the sun sets.
Its modular structure, an orthogonal grid of concrete pillars and beams, results in completely flexible plans, where each apartment owner could define its layout. The twenty columns are rhythmically positioned in the perimeter of the 48 x 11 meters plan and, together with a central core that shelters stairs and elevators, structures the building – leaving generous spans to be arranged as desired.
As a result, the façade is mobilized by the versatile arrangements each floor can have. Each 6-meter-wide module in between the grid is closed with an element that can go from glass transparency to white opacity. Amid them, perforated aluminum panels and automatized horizontal shutters dynamize the façade and generate a cinematic dance of sunlight and shadows inside each ambience.
The elements' simple lines and pale textures control the overall playability and emphasizes the design’s minimalist approach. Ourania’s discrete shapes are inspired by japanese architecture, once inspired by Brazilian modernism. It embraces rationality, proportions and simplicity.
When entering the dessatured surfaces, a more cozy feel is present in the interiors of common areas, where sunlight also plays an important role. Wooden tiles warm up the lobby, gym, and main corridors, while, in the spa, golden tiles embrace the pool and sauna.
Different light filtering surfaces such as slatted panels (in the lobby), wooden pergola (in the spa) and horizontal blinds (in the gym and apartments) creates a sequence of moments that brings the orthogonal lines to life. When looking from outside, each gap on the grid is an invitation for a sensorial experience.

Entry details
LocationSão Paulo - Brazil
Studio Name Studio mk27
Lead designerMarcio Kogan, Suzana Glogowski and Diana Radomysler
Design teamAlanna Scarcelli, André Sumida, Beatriz Sombra, Pedro Ribeiro, Luiza Vicentini, Carlos Costa, Mariana Simas, Nathalia Lima and Tamara Lichtenstein
Photography creditsFernando Guerra
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