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Ou Jiang · ONE

Maudea Design Studio

Project description

The project is located in wenzhou, is sales center,the design features a geometry roof. The natural combination of transverse and longitudinal lines on the ceiling form a simple space full of rhythm. Soft light is used to create the step-by-step change of scenes and guide the visual transition; therefore it produces a delicate emotional change in the space. The plain but elegant background and decorations give the space a disposition of tranquility and peacefulness. The base of the art installation is a half moon art bench, like the reflection of the moon on the sea. The part suspended in the air is composed of exquisite metal frame, which is skillfully added with weaving elements. The form, which is produced in the air, is like clouds floating over the Oujiang River, melting the natural atmosphere of the rich river.Using more modern techniques to depict the case, to interpret Wenzhou culture in a new way.Through the rhythm change of color in the whole space to enrich the sense of hierarchy and order of the whole space. The addition of dolphin art installation with abstract artistic expression forms gives the hope that oujiangkou new area can gallop on the sea like a dolphin, and it is also the prospect of Oujiang River's living state in the future.

Project details
Location:China - Wenzhou
Studio NameMaudea Design Studio
Lead designerWally Mau
Design teamMaudea Design Studio
Photography creditsMaudea Design Studio
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