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Osteria del Becco

Sama Arquitectos

Short description

A mansion from the 50's in Polanco transformed into a restaurant that recreates different atmospheres through its different materials In the main concept was to generate different atmospheres, creating a range of balanced colors, while playing with textures and various elements, that is why that apparent concrete was chosen as the design element.

The warmth inside balances perfectly with the sincerity of the apparent concrete, the wood on the floors, the glass of the cellars and the furniture that was carefully designed for each space they create a unique atmosphere on each table.
The intention of the project was to provide a space where diners they will experience feeling in different places even being in the same space, that is to say that each visit always generated a different experience.
The garden became one of the main elements of the project, integrating itself into the terrace, which this year has become a main meeting point.In this time of changes and adaptations due to the pandemic that we are experiencing this year, the Osteria del becco, reinvents itself, adapts and evolves, profound changes were made, but very punctual to be able to offer their clients a safe and sensory experience, adaptive to these times, and a transformation in the image and materials preserving the essential Italian tradition that characterizes this place.
The façade integrates new materials such as concrete and steel, with a movement of the steel plates that, when turning and changing places, give small clues as to what is happening to the interior, invites to know, and in turn frames the characteristic volume of the restaurant, this curved wall that is renewed with the coating and the proportion of its opening. The front terrace is a new sensation, it is a space that invites you to eat in the garden, it is the perfect combination of nature and comfort that gives life to this terrace, which in turn is the step to clean and open access that shows a new retail area, a concept for
bringing food and prep home with a majestic new oven which is the protagonist of the new kitchen that shows this Italian tradition, the art of create is framed by a large window that values ​​this new space, and does justice to the facade inviting you to pass.
On the ground floor, retail, and the kitchen are the spaces that welcome you, the walls that are dressed with the glass cellar give that characteristic stamp of the Osteria. Already inside the furniture divides the spaces, and the interior becomes exterior again
with the play of lights and vegetation that comes from the deck where it is located the bar as a visual finishing touch. Upstairs are the services, as well as a large cellar with a private table which creates an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. without a doubt la osteria del becco keeps inside a mixture of different environments all unified and in perfect harmony to create a space at the height of the Italian tradition that evolves into this new concept.

Entry details
LocationMexico City
Studio NameSama Arquitectos
Lead designerRafael Sama
Design teamHéctor Contreras, Daniel Vélez photo: Jaime Navarro
Photography creditsJaime Navarro
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