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Oriental Movie Metropolis Grand Theatre


Project description

The Oriental Movie Metropolis Grand Theatre stands in the Starry Island’s bay in Qingdao. With its curved form as a seaside conch, which is also the inspiration for the design, the theatre represents perfectly the local identity and culture. Parametric design enables both the efficient construction and the narrative visual effect of the comprehensive facade. The Oriental Movie Metropolis Grand Theatre is a cultural building specially built for the International Movie Festival. It will be the main venue of the film festival to hold the opening and closing ceremonies and award ceremonies of the film festival. It will also give consideration to comprehensive artistic performances and occasional concert performances. At the same time, another building adjacent to the east side: the Show Theatre project, jointly creates the most important landmark building on the west coast of Huangdao District. The first SCO National Film Festival was held in Qingdao Oriental Film Capital Theatre from June 13 to June 17, 2018. In order to reproduce the concept of silver shell, the construction constraints including complex skin, nonlinear structure, and the material precise positioning in construction process.With the aid of BIM computer system for design, construction and acceptance, it solves the nonlinearity, three-dimensional spiral and complexity limitation in the construction process. Dominated by the initial design concept, the project applies the forward BIM methodology to introduce the parametric control of spatial curves in the very first stage of design. Integrating the artistic design of form as well as the construct of NURBS curves and surfaces, the elegant double shells concept fits well with the function of theater. During the whole design and construction process, forward BIM technology is used for the design communication and file control, which enables the best translation of the initial design concept to the final built structure of the theater as well as the combination of art and technology.

Project details
Studio NameGDF LTD
Lead designerGao shanxing
Photography creditsWu qingshan

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