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Oficinas CR

LC Arquitectura

Short description

Built for a transportation company, CR Offices is an ecological project featuring architecture and design principles including restauration, new construction, furniture design, landscaping, lighting, interior design, scent and art.

On the property there was an old house in ruins, with perimeter walkways and corrals, which sparked interest reutilization and conserving as much as possible and displaying the original materials with their wear and tear.

Giving continuity to the space, a new and modern concrete structure was appended and united by glass bridges. It’s symbiotic integration of historic and modern architecture was achieved by a thoughtful selection of materials that created a beautiful clash of new and old.

CR Offices is meant to offer a unique experience through multisensory artistic expression. Represented in a creative, sculptural, indirect and direct manner, lighting is a key element that builds on this experience. In addition to the works of art specifically designed for the space and the artistic interventions on its furniture, ceilings and walls.

Elements of the natural environmental, such as tree roots and stones, were assembled as furniture and natural sculptures creating a unitary concept of the inside and the outside. The space is provided with natural lighting and ventilation through floor-to-ceiling windows along with a water mirror in the heart of the project. Solar panels, rainwater collection system, and LED lighting, were all incorporated in the building. CR offices act as serene spaces for contemplation and reconnecting with nature.

The old pigsty was intervened achieving an interesting and comfortable design space, creating a pleasant environment for the team work to rest; equipped with a tv room, terrace, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and foosball.

Entry details
Studio NameLC Arquitectura
Lead designerAdriana Limon Calatayud
Design teamAdriana Limon Calatayud
Photography creditsLGM Studio
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