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O.H House

Republic Design

Short description

The residential was built in the 1990s and is located in a quiet area in the heart of Taipei City. The residence is owned by a married couple with a daughter. The core concept of this minimal residence is inspired by the Japanese clean minimalist, expresses through clean lines and geometric structures. We tried to deliver a warm and clean interior with warm materials such as oak wood and stucco. The original floor plan was really unfriendly and illogical for a family with three members. Thus, we tried to create a house that is really open but also provides the possibility of privacy.

The minimal residence is given 56 square-meter space. It is very narrow and limited space for three family members. Thus, we create a big square box that contains most of the storage, which separated the private and public areas. The dining table is placed in the middle of the space, inspired by the round table concept as the core and the circular concept in the eastern, serving as the centerpiece of the house which connects the activities between the living area and kitchen. The kid’s room has a foldable bed which makes the room changeable. When it is folded inside the cabinet, it gives out a large space for the kid to play around, or study.

Entry details
LocationTaipei City, Taiwan
Lead designerJia-Bao, Dong
Design teamChris Choo / Joanne Wang
Photography creditsSuiYu Studio
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