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Ninghai Intelligent Automobile Town

DC Alliance

Short description

Ninghai Intelligent Automobile Town, one of the earliest practices of "characteristic town" in China, is the first provincial-level model town in Zhejiang.
Its design highly integrates industry, culture, ecological landscape and vacation tour resources. In terms of form and style, it starts from the inheritance of regional culture and bears the expectations for the future. In the aspect of overall spatial layout, with urban public space and ecological landscape as the core, the construction of each block is carried out in an orderly manner while buildings built and under construction and the physical environment around the town are integrated organically.  
As an in-depth practice of "integration of industry and city", the design deeply explores the internal relation among the three elements of "intelligence", "car" and "town" and urban design. Responding to the demand of "town", the design aims to create appropriate scale and density, specific culture, natural environment and life quality. The specific driving experience and "car culture" extracted from the “car” are combined in the making of the place. "Intelligence" is manifest in upgrading infrastructure, connecting technologies with cities, and resolving existing technological conflicts through "smart city" and “unmanned driving".  
The design also focuses on the interweaving and integration of "industry", "culture" and "tourism".  In the aspect of "industry", it deeply unlocks a variety of functional demands related to industry and fully integrates with the basic urban functions.  In terms of "culture", four cultural measures are abstracted from industrial and regional dimensions.  As for "tourism", it further taps into relevant resources around the town, integrates internal experience elements, and plans 4 tourist routes.  
Through the efforts, the design breaks through the spatial boundaries, fully excavating and organically integrating the resources inside and outside the town to jointly create the brand image and place experience of the town. 

Entry details
LocationNingbo - China
Studio NameDC Alliance
Lead designerYingzhe Wang
Design teamYong Hu, Song Xue, MingjiLi, Wenbo Yue
Photography creditsDC Alliance
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